Are you missing work and
standing in long queues to
access your bank locker?


Switch to Oro Safe now
for easy queue-free
access anytime, anyday!


Beat the queue

Try Oro Safe.


Oro Safe Center

  • Store gold at our center
  • Open 9 AM to 9 PM
  • No queue. 365 days.

Oro Safe at Home

  • Oro partner will bring portable Godrej locker to your home
  • Deposit your jewellery and lock with custom security features
  • Partner will then safely transport and store it at Oro Safe Centre

Home or Center ?

A 2 minute call can help you decide!

About Oro Safe at home


100% secure

We pickup gold items from your home
in a custom secured, portable
Godrej Goldilocks locker and
deposit them in Oro Safe centre.


Unlimited home visits

Book appointments based on your convenience to get your locker contents

100% Insured

Your gold jewellery is fully insured by our insurance partner.

Zero security deposit

Security deposit is waived off for the first 500 customers!

Free Gold Valuation

Oro partner performs a free gold valuation before storage!

State of the art security

Every locker unit is stored in our Oro Safe Centre equipped with 24/7 real time security

Unique Number Lock

Set your own pin to lock. Instant alarm if the locker is tampered with

Trusted partners

GodrejNew India Assurance

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you need ?

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Steps to

Get your gold locker at home

Step 1

Orosafe tab in Oro app

There is a new tab called Oro Safe in the app. Click on that.

Step 2

Click on ‘Get a gold locker at home’

Find this button on the top section.

Step 3

Locker comes to your home!

Once appointment is fixed, Oro partner will reach at your home with the new doorstep locker and store your gold items. Then they are safely stored in Oro Safe space - safe and secure. 100%.

30 minutes!

That is all it takes to get a locker.


Your gold is stored in our Oro Safe Centre

Maximum security. Highest quality lockers. In the heart of the city



How to book a locker at
the Oro Space in 10 minutes !


Step 1

Walk in / Request visit to the Oro Safe Center through



Step 2

Verify your documents such as ID & Address Proof


Step 3

Locker is assigned and an Oro Safe manager answers your questions


Step 4

Key is handed over to you, along with explanation on how to book next visit


Entire process over in less than 10 minutes !


Pickup and Drop

free on your first visit 🎉

Attractive prices and unbelievable convenience. First time ever!

Oro Safe at Home Pricing

Select the Plan duration



For only

₹ 299| month


12 Months

Oro Safe Center Pricing





18.9 x 26.3 x 49.2 cm





18.9 x 53.0 x 49.2 cm





27.9 x 53.0 x 49.2 cm

Extra large




38.5 x 53.0 x 49.2 cm

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best for you ?

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Some FAQ’s

We know you got some questions here are some frequently asked questions

Oro Safe offers all the benefits of bank lockers but is way better. The benefits include but are not limited to:

1. Extended Operating Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM compared to the 9 AM-3:30 PM timings of a Bank.
2. 100% Digital Experience: Your Locker Booking can be managed digitally at []( where you can book visits, and make payments.
3. Unlimited, seamless Access: Pre-book your locker visits to ensure no waiting times. Unlimited Visits can be booked throughout the year for Oro Safe Customers at no extra cost.
4. Oro Safe is the only security deposit locker that provides the locker at home service
5. Unmatched security and Comfort: All lockers have top of the line Godrej Secunex lockers which are impenetrable. Facilities also have private meeting rooms and modern lounges to ensure privacy, comfort and convenience.

Oro Safe at home allows you to book an appointment to store and retrieve your jewellery at home whereas the Oro Centre is for people who would rather go and store their valuables physically. All Oro Safe valuables are stored at the Oro Safe Centre. Including the Oro Safe at home locker units. Either way, your valuables will be safe, insured and retrievable at your convenient time.

Oro Safe at home is designed specifically for storing and retrieving your gold jewellery. At Oro Safe Centre, you can store any valuables once you’ve chosen a locker of your preferred size.

1. All our lockers have top of the line Godrej Secunex locker units. These are compliant to highest grades of security specifications and are equipped with 7 lever dual lock mechanism and use high complication 'UltraKeys' - making it very hard to duplicate.
2. RBI Prescribed Strongroom Norms: Our Strongrooms have been designed as per RBI Mandated requirements for banks, to ensure maximum safety and security.
3. BIS Certified Lockers: All our lockers are custom manufactured by Godrej for added security as per BIS Standards. Additionally, the technology for operating the infrastructure is BIS certified and risk assessed

If you choose to use Oro Safe at home, your jewellery will be picked up from your home. Our executives – who we call Appraisal Partners – will come to your place for the appointment. Once they’re verified using an OTP exchanged, they will explain how Oro Safe works, evaluate your jewellery and take it along with them to store at the Oro Safe Centre. Each of Oro’s appraisal partners are chosen after rigorous background checks. Moreover, every partner is tracked rigorously during transit and ofcourse, the locker is 100% insured with New India Assurance

Oro’s appraisal partners are highly experienced in the art of manual gold testing. They come from years of experience, and they undergo extensive training at Oro before they start appraising customers’ jewellery. Also, we have state of the art gold testing machines at the Oro Safe Centre. Customers can come in, get their jewellery tested and get a computer generated testing report.

Yes, do reach out to us at 70926 70928 and we will help you shift your bank locker to Oro Safe!

We have various custom solutions for people with specific needs. Reach out to us on 70926 70928 and we will sure help you out!